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This is how the world ends

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George Galloway's speech in the House of Commons

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Root Canal Filled Teeth Cause Many Degenerative Diseases

By Bill Henderson

Asheville, NC. Oct. 18, 2007 — A cancer care expert has published the following studies of two women who were healed completely from advanced “diseases” when their root canal filled teeth were properly extracted:

Case Study #1: Olga (not her real name) had been battling breast cancer which had spread to many other organs since the early 1990s. She figured it was the result of a particular incident in her life. In 1986, you may remember that the Russian nuclear power plant in Chernobyl in the Ukraine exploded and caused the greatest nuclear accident disaster in history. Olga lived in Kiev at the time, about 90 miles due north of Chernobyl.

In 1989, Olga moved to New Jersey with her two children. Her bout with cancer started about two years after she arrived there. By the time I met Olga by phone, she had tried a wide variety of conventional and alternative treatments for her cancer. Nothing seemed to help.

During our telephone conversation in February, 2007, I discussed with Olga, as I do with all cancer patients who contact me, the probable cause of her cancer. Of course, the radiation from Chernobyl seemed to be an obvious cause. When I asked her if she had any root canal filled teeth, however, she reluctantly admitted that she had 11. I was shocked. Of the many hundreds of cancer patients I had dealt with, I had never heard of anyone with that many root canals.

Once I described to Olga the toxic load these teeth were putting on her system, she agreed with me that having them extracted by a biological dentist was essential to her recovery from her cancer. She attempted to find an appropriate dentist to help her near where she lived. When she gave up on finding one who could treat her at a price she could afford, she called me for a recommendation.

I referred her to my favorite biological dentist, Dr. John Tate in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Olga called him and made an appointment.

After discussing her case with Tate, Olga decided to follow his advice and plan for a four to five week stay in Spartanburg. Her case was unusually difficult, as you can imagine. Because of her fragile health condition, the teeth needed to be extracted one or two at a time with lots of preparation with intravenous Vitamin C, etc. Then, it was necessary to wait several days to make sure she had recovered before removing the next set. Tate told me that it appeared that all eleven of the root canals had been done in Russia. One had a filling at the tip of the root that was black and smelled awful. All of them were highly inflammed and putting out lots of toxins.

After all the teeth were extracted, Tate fitted Olga for partial plates to restore her “bite.” By about the end of March, 2007, he had completed the project. Olga had stayed in a motel in Spartanburg the whole time.

It is now October, 2007. I heard from Olga a few days ago. She is finally, for the first time in more than 20 years, enjoying complete good health. Her cancer is gone and all her tests are completely clean. She is in the process of writing her story for publication in my “Cancer-Free” newsletter. She is eager to share her experience with all cancer patients and their caregivers.

Case Study #2: In late 2006, a friend introduced me to Judy (not her real name). Judy, a 51 year old mother of one son, described to me her 12-year history with Lyme Disease. All of her joints were extremely painful and she could hardly walk — much less work or drive a car. After the Lyme Disease diagnosis, various doctors had tried several different drugs. None of them did anything but temporarily relieve some of the pain.

Again, shortly after we met, I asked Judy about the condition of her jaw – particularly the root canals. Sure enough, she had four left in her mouth. Two had been previously removed several years before and she had a partial plate in the upper front area of her jaw.

Judy could not afford any more dental work. A naturopathic doctor friend and I decided to underwrite a project to get her mouth cleaned up. We both felt that the root canals were contributing to her painful condition.

I drove Judy to Spartanburg for the six appointments with Tate which it took to remove her root canal filled teeth and get her fitted for two other plates. Particularly interesting in Judy’s case was the condition of the gum where one of the root canals had been removed four years before.

In testing the gum where this tooth had been, Tate found it had just as much inflammation as if the tooth had never been extracted. He said this was common when root canals are extracted by dentists or oral surgeons who are not familiar with them. Removal of a root canal filled tooth needs to include removal of the ligament under the tooth and a portion of the jaw as well. This procedure is explained in detail in Dr. George Meinig’s book “Root Canal Cover-up.”

Since the completion of her dental reconstruction in March, 2007, Judy’s “Lyme Disease” has disappeared. She now walks three miles a day, has gained back about twenty pounds, is able to drive her car and feels wonderful for the first time in about 13 years.

If you have root canal filled teeth, I recommend you have your entire mouth evaluated by a biological dentist as soon as possible. Here are two ways to locate a competent dentist near you:

1. The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation in San Diego, California. They maintain a list of dentists qualified to remove root canal teeth. You can reach them at (800) 366-3748 (Pacific Time).

2. Dr. Bill Glaros is a Houston, Texas dentist who was President in 2006 of the American Biological Dentist Association. You may call his office at (281) 440-1190 (Central Time). Anyone who answers the phone can consult the current Directory of the Biological Dentist Association members. Hopefully, you will get contact information for a member near you.

If you live in the Southeast U.S., you may want to contact Dr. John Tate, D.D.S. in Spartanburg, South Carolina. His office phone number is (864) 582-4441.

In any case, don’t delay. Root canal filled teeth can be deadly.

If you would like to read a transcript of a radio interview done by Laura Lee with Dr. George Meinig and Dr. Michael LaMarche on this subject, just go to:

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